Floria Lawn Optimizer

Lawn Thatch Optimizer


Bring something new to your garden, save your valuable time with FLORIA lawn thatch optimizer – special organic fertiliser.

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Product Description

Have you had enough of black patches on your lawn after using a standard fertiliser and scarifying? Bring something new to your garden, save your valuable time with FLORIA lawn thatch optimizer – special organic fertiliser. It is harmless to wildlife, pets and plant borders.

Lawn Thatch Optimizer

Thatch is a natural product of your turf but too thick a layer reduces the quality of the turf.

Lawn thatch optimizer is a special lawn fertiliser containing all essential nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) made from purely natural raw materials. The product is enriched by bacteria living in the soil, which accelerate the grass thatch decomposition process. Mycorrhizal fungi in lawn fertilisers serve as a natural helper. They enhance the surface area of the roots, thereby increasing a plant’s uptake of nutrients and water. Thus lawns become stronger and more durable.

Nutritional effects:

The nutrients in the fertiliser are continuously transformed by microorganisms into forms that are readily absorbed by plants. The microorganisms decompose the starting substances slowly, owing to which they thereby obtain a natural long-term effect after 2 months.


  • Soil bacteria accelerate the grass thatch decomposition process
  • The product is active for up to 2 months
  • Mycorrhizal fungi help the lawn to properly manage water and nutrient use the iron content counteracts against moss and improves the green colour of the leaves

Useful hint:

Grass that is left on the lawn after mowing suffocates the lawn, causes its decay and oppresses natural tillering. This Lawn thatch optimizer contains microorganisms that decompose the grass clippings (food for soil microorganisms) and converts them into valuable humus.

Use the Lawn thatch optimizer whenever surface mulching or using robotic mowers, or even where you do not perform regular scarification.

Instructions for use:

  1. Begin removing grass thatch in the spring, when it is excessively present in the lawn. Ideally, use it at least twice a year, in spring and in autumn, in an amount of 0.5 kg per 10 m2 .
  2. Apply the fertiliser in dry weather. Use hand application for smaller areas and a spreader cart for larger areas to ensure uniform distribution. Don’t forget to water the lawn! Periodic
  3. lawn watering after product application is imperative in order to achieve the appropriate action of the soil bacteria and the fertiliser. The product will not exert its effect if the lawn is dry. The Lawn thatch optimizer is suitable for all lawn types and wherever lawn is oppressed by last year’s dry grass (thatch).

Caution: Do not combine this Lawn thatch optimizer with any other grass fertiliser, as the lawn may be over-fertilised. The lawn should be mowed 3 days after application of this product.

Additional Information

Country of origin: Czech Republic
Mutual recognition Austria:
Trade name: Lawn fertiliser 3 in 1
Type specification: Organic fertiliser, individually approved pursuant to Article 9a of the DMG 1994


Feather meal, residual plant seed oil, vinasse, microorganisms (of the Bacillus
gene), mycorrhizal fungi. Blood meal, meat meal, hair meal.

Chemical and physical properties

  • 70% organic substances in the dry matter
  • 9% total N and organically bound nitrogen
  • 3% P2O5 total phosphorus as P2O5
  • 5% total and water-soluble potassium as K2O
  • 0.01% Fe iron

The risk element content fulfills statutory limits.

Manufactured by:
AGRO CS a.s. Říkov 265, 552 03 Česká Skalice, Czech Republic

Exclusive UK importer:
MDK Garden Services. 8 Ashton Park Drive, Brierley Hill, West Midlands. DY5 3ER